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On October 9th and 10th, thousands of students across the U.S, as well as Canada, China, and the UK, officially became Explorer Academy recruits! From classrooms to libraries to bookstores,13 renowned National Geographic explorers, including NASA scientists Rae Wynn-Grant and Jennifer W. Lopez, led 28 different events as part of Explorer Academy Recruitment Day!

The explorers shared their path, passions, and visions to help inspire the next generation of innovators. Dr. Wynn-Grant was featured on WJLA's Good Morning Washington in Washington DC's to talk about her experiences as a bear conservationist, as well as discuss Explorer Academy! You can watch her full interview HERE.

In Seattle, I had the privilege of sharing the stage at two schools with National Geographic explorer, photographer, and eco-health researcher, Gemina Garland-Lewis. Gemina related some exciting stories about her adventures, like interviewing whalers in the Azores and Seattle's homeless about their pets. I got to speak about the inspiration behind Explorer Academy (the real explorers of NG, of course), the characters from the book, and spill a few secrets from the next novel. We had a great time signing maps and books, and meeting the students at Decatur and West Woodland elementary schools.

Thanks to everyone who participated in EA Recruitment Day. Now get out there and explore!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Explorer Academy Recruitment Days may be coming to your school! On October 9 & 10, 2019, National Geographic explorers will fan out to visits schools in a bunch of cities across the U.S. and Canada. It's all part of the launch of the third book in the Explorer Academy series: The Double Helix. Explorers will visit schools in Atlanta, Austin, Houston, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Seattle, Washington, DC, and Vancouver, BC (whew!). They'll talk about their adventures and share what inspires them to help motivate the next generation of explorers.

I'll be visiting students in the Seattle area with National Geographic explorer, photographer, and eco-health researcher, Gemina Garland-Lewis. I wish I could stop in at ALL of the sites to hear the explorers speak and meet young readers, but that would be quite a feat. That's why last week, I headed to KOMO TV (ABC) in Seattle to tape a special message that will be played at each school. It was great fun to be back in front of a camera again (I used to be a TV news reporter and weather forecaster, and did my college internship at KOMO).

While at KOMO, I was also able to tape a special message for the Children's Book Council. In honor of the100th anniversary of Children’s Book Week, The CBC has teamed up with KidLit TV to release 100 short videos this year, featuring a variety of authors and illustrators! I was thrilled to be invited to give a short talk about my journey to becoming a writer and some of the challenges I faced along the way. KLTV is available in over 600,000 schools worldwide vida their website and distribution partners. So, with a little luck, I'll see you somewhere online soon!

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Explorer Academy, Book One: The Nebula Secret launches today in paperback. I've seen the books, and they are just as beautiful, the illustrations just as vibrant, as the hard cover version.

I'm especially thrilled that National Geographic chose to release the pb of EA 1 during the summer. That doesn't often happen (in publishing, spring and fall are the two big release seasons). When I was growing up in Seattle, no matter where we went or what we did over the summer as a family, I always had a book in my hand - in the car, at the beach, or babysitting the neighbor kids. Even now, I read far more books from June to September than I do during the entire rest of the year. There's nothing more relaxing after a busy day then settling into a chaise lounge on our back deck in the evening. Our deck overlooks a peaceful little forest and creek filled with birds, bunnies, squirrels, raccoons, and the occasional coyote or two. I leave all my electronic devices behind, as I take a moment to inhale the delicious smells wafting from a neighbor's barbecue, watch the hummingbirds flit to our fuchsias, and feel the dappled sunlight warm my face. Then, it's time to read. This, to me, is heaven

May you, too, find your perfect summer reading spot, along with great stories to fascinate, awe, and inspire you! If your young reader happens to be diving into the pages of Explorer Academy this summer, I'd love to hear about it. Drop me a note through my contact page or send/post a photo to my Facebook author page.

Happy Reading!