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Twelve-year-old Kestrel Adams loves to keep lists. Her most important (and confidential) list is her Dares and Don'ts - all the things she longs to try and all the things she'll never dare to do.


When Kestrel's grandfather dies, her family heads north from their home in Seattle, WA to lend a hand at the family ski lodge in Whistler, BC for the summer. However, Kestrel quickly discovers the lodge is in serious financial trouble. Her grandmother stands to lose everything to greedy developers unless someone does something. Kestrel is determined to save the family business but to succeed, she'll have to battle a pair of evil twin sisters, rescue a rock star dangling from a ski lift, and hope a little luck hops her way!


What's worse than your little sister being smarter than you? When she's more popular, too! Sammi Tremayne's life isn’t perfect, but she’s got it under control—more or less. Slowly and surely, she’s orbiting her way from the outer edges of the middle school solar system into the inner circle of popularity. However, when her little sister, Jorgianna, skips not one but two grades to join Sammi in the eighth grade, her whole universe is turned upside-down! For Jorgianna, the jump is a dream come true. Of course, sometimes getting everything you want isn't everything you expected. Told in alternating points of view, The Sister Solution reveals there is more to each sister's story than the other realizes, but will Jorgianna and Sammi discover it in time? 


Tired of the popular girls at her new school getting all the fame and glory (and good hair!) eighth-grader Coco Sherwood decides to take matters into her own hands. Soon, this modern-day, middle school, Robin Hood is turning the old social order upside down, as she takes from the "Somebodies" to give to the "Nobodies."
As Coco's confidence grows, she dares to go head-to-tiara with Dijon Randall, the most popular girl in school. It's a risky move that could cost her everything, including Adair, one of her best friends. Can Coco even the playing field for everyone else without losing what's most important to her? Or will her grand dream of social justice turn into her worst nightmare?

"She [Kestrel] is an engaging character and her tween-to-teen angst rings true."

        - School Library Journal

"Kestrel is a strong, spunky heroine that readers will definitely root for as she tries to save the lodge after a bunch of nasty online reviews."

     - Stephanie Faris, author

     of 30 Days of No Gossip

"An insightful, engaging tale that celebrates the relationship sisters share."
            - Kirkus Reviews
"This is a fun book that explores sibling relationships and middle school friendships without being overly simplistic."
            - Reads4Tweens

Download the FREE Sister Solution Reader's Guide for fun activities, including the recipe for Crepes Jorgianna featured in the book!

"Coco herself is such a likable character, with a worthy cause, and such a champion of the underdog. I really rooted for her to succeed." 

    - Suzanne Williams,

    co-author of the Goddess         Girls series

"This book will have you cheering for Coco and the kids she helps. It sure did me!"

    - A young reader's review,

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