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Reviews are never easy for a writer. I usually read mine, if I read them at all, with my hand over my face and peeking through my fingers. Yes, we write for the fun. We write for the satisfaction. We write for ourselves. But we also write to be read. If a reader doesn't connect with your work, it's nothing short of heartbreaking. The goal is to take the reader on a thrilling journey with the hero, and if I've done my job right, it's a path of wonder and discovery.

Sending a book out into the world is both exciting and nerve wracking. You wonder, will it be well received? Will readers enjoy the story? Will they embrace the characters? That's why kind reviews like this one of my new book, THE SAILOR CIPHER, from Luminous Libro mean so much:

"I love this spin-off of the Explorer Academy series! It has all the elements that I loved in the original series: adventure, codes and puzzles, world travel, nature conservation, cool technology, and amazing complex characters."

Yes! This is exactly what you hope to hear (you can read the full review HERE).

Whenever someone says, "I loved that book!" I am quick to ask, "Did you write a review for it?" Reviews help other readers find good books. They drive advertising and sales. They also mean the world to an author, like me. So the next time you enjoy a book, be sure to put it in writing!

Looking for some great beach reads? You'll find them, along with the latest scoop on all things EXPLORER ACADEMY, in the summer 2024 issue of my newsletter. You can find it HERE!

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Updated: May 21

Seven schools, three bookstores, and more than 1,000 miles in six days! As part of the kickoff celebration for the second EXPLORER ACADEMY series, I hit the road in April on a BOOK TOUR. I had a great time meeting readers and introducing the new series.

Many thanks to the schools and bookstores who supported me: Brick & Mortar Books in Redmond, WA, Auntie's Bookstore in Spokane, WA and Second Star to the Right Books in Denver, CO (the stunning mural in the photo below is painted on the side of the store). If you'd like a signed copy of THE SAILOR CIPHER, please call, order online, or drop by one of the above stores and thanks for supporting our indies!

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