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Come Join the Adventure!

If you've ever wanted to meet the exceptional scientists, who helped inspire my Explorer Academy series, now's your chance!

From July 5th - 9th we're celebrating EXPLORER ACADEMY RECRUITMENT WEEK. Each day this week, tune in to the Nat Geo Books Facebook page at 4 PM (PST), 7 PM (EST) to hear a different explorer talk about his/her passion, share adventures, and answer your questions. Here's the stellar lineup:

Mon. July 5th: Rae Wynn-Grant, Large Carnivore Ecologist

Tues. July 6th: David Gruber, Marine Biologist

Wed. July 7th: Nizar Ibrahim, Paleontologist

Thurs. July 8th: Gab Mejia, Mountaineer & Photographer

Fri. July 9th: Erika Bergman, Deep-Sea Oceanographer & Submersible Pilot

I've had the pleasure of speaking to students with two of these explorers, Erika Bergman and Nizar Ibrahim. They have some riveting stories! Both also helped in my research for the series and know a few of my secrets. Uh-oh!

Also, for a fun summer experience, check out EXPLORER ACADEMY ADVENTURES, a new online program that will have young explorers (ages 8 - 11) solving mysteries, conducting experiments, and cracking codes. Kids will go on missions and tackle challenges, as they learn about oceans, rainforests, outer space, and more. They can even create action plans for becoming the explorers of tomorrow, just like Cruz and his friends!

To learn more about EXPLORER ACADEMY ADVENTURES, head to:

Have a great summer, everyone! Keep reading and don't forget to Dare to Explore!


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