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Blog Tour Bonus Fun!

Blog Tours are among my favorite things about launching a book, because it's an opportunity to share BONUS goodies you won't find anywhere else. So hop in and let's head out on the THE SAILOR CIPHER BLOG TOUR for the inside scoop on the new series.

Here we go ...


  • First stop is this DELETED SCENE from THE SAILOR CIPHER at the Pragmatic Mom.

  • Our next destination is Good Reads with Ronna for a BOOK EXCERPT.

  • You'll definitely want to catch my exclusive INTERVIEW WITH SAILOR, the main character in the new series, at Reading Middle Grade.

  • Time to get personal! Learn how I discovered and followed MY PASSION (and how you can, too) at YA Book Central.

  • Finally, get to know Khadijah Khatib, the talented artist who brings the explorers to life on the page, at Imagination Soup.


I hope you had a great ride. Thanks for coming along and a big shout out to all of the wonderful bloggers who hosted me!


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