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It's launch day for the FINAL book in the Explorer Academy series: THE FORBIDDEN ISLAND and I couldn't be more thrilled to share the conclusion of Cruz Coronado's global adventures!

Over the past six years and seven books, I've had great fun sending Cruz and his fellow explorers around the world, from Washington D.C. to Iceland to Africa to the Seychelles to India to China to Australia to Antarctica to Argentina and back again! In the span of the series, they traveled to every continent in the world.

One of my favorite parts of writing the books has been getting Cruz into trouble. He's found himself in plenty of jams, like falling down a well, having his father kidnapped, losing a piece of the etched formula, and nearly losing his life more than once! But somehow, he's foiled death at every turn, with a hand or two from his friends, teacher, and family.

Thanks to all the readers around the world, who have taken the time to write and email, as well as share photos and videos of themselves reading a copy of Explorer Academy! It means more than I can express, which is why the last book in the series is dedicated to YOU, the reader. It's been an amazing journey and I am beyond grateful to everyone who has come along for the ride. Of course, it may not be over quite yet. Stick around, the adventure may only just be getting started ...

Dare to explore!



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