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The Real Explorer Academy!

Now you can join the adventure just like Cruz and his friends at Explorer Academy! National Geographic has recently opened its first Ultimate Explorer Amusement Center, though you'll have to travel to China to get in on the fun!

The new immersive entertainment center is located at the K11 Artmall in Shenyang, China. From blasting off into outer space to diving to the ocean floor, visitors can follow in the footsteps of the real explorers of National Geographic. With each mission, visitors will earn badges, as they learn more about our natural world and the challenges we face.

There are twenty different missions, in all. My favorite just might be the Safari Speedway, where you can race a virtual cheetah the way Cruz does in the obstacle course in The Nebula Secret. Of course, I'm also partial to the Tomb of the Ancients. Here, visitors will get an archaeology lesson from Cruz's Aunt Marisol, a professor at Explorer Academy!

More entertainment centers are planned for Italy, Mexico, and Kuwait. Fingers crossed that the U.S. gets one, too!

Head to the website to learn more:

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