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FAN-tastic Creations

Wow! How fun to open my June/July Issue of National Geographic KIDS magazine to a full two-page spread of amazing art done for the Art Zone section by readers of EXPLORER ACADEMY! Wow, you are talented bunch out there and it's been terrific to see your drawings and paintings of characters from the EXPLORER ACADEMY universe.

Ever since the first book in the series, The Nebula Secret, was published, you've shared your artwork, posters, tee shirts, dioramas, and LEGO sculptures with me. You've sent links to your YouTube movie trailers, book reviews, and even re-recreations of your favorite scenes from the series. I love it all and can't thank you enough for embracing the world of EXPLORER ACADEMY. Keep sharing your fan fiction, art, videos, and more! I love seeing how EA inspires you.

Dare to Explore!

- Trudi


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