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Celebrating Explorer Academy

Thanks to all the readers, educators, friends, family, and book lovers who came to Brick & Mortar Books earlier this month to celebrate the FINAL book in the EXPLORER ACADEMY series: THE FORBIDDEN ISLAND! For those who couldn't be there, I truly appreciated all of the e-mail love. (If you weren't able to make the event but would like a signed book, Brick & Mortar has a supply on hand. Please call (425) 869-0606 to place your order.)

It was a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest as I sat down for an 'in conversation' afternoon with acclaimed author and dear friend, Lisa L. Owens. We chatted about how the series started, where it ended, and the inspiration that sparked the various plot lines along the way. I shared a few stories, like how I wrote a sample chapter in order to audition for the job, and then once I was hired, realized I had no idea where to go from there! But seven books later, I guess I found my way. I also shared how much it's meant to me to have such a loyal international readership these past four years. It's been a true joy.

Lisa and I also dished some inside scoop about what is to come. If you haven't yet heard, a new adventure is on the way for the students of Explorer Academy! You can read more about it at the end of THE FORBIDDEN ISLAND. So stayed tuned ... and until we meet again, fortis fortuna adiuvat!


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