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Children's Writers, Come Join Me!

Are you an adult writer thinking about creating a fiction book series for kids? Or maybe you're already working on one? Come join the agents of Stimola Literary Studio and me for an online seminar: GIVE YOUR SERIES STAYING POWER on Thursday, Dec 2nd at 4 pm PST (7 pm EST).

I'll share some of my tips on crafting a children's fiction series and the agents will discuss what they look for when acquiring one. This is your chance to get the inside scoop from one of the top literary agencies in the nation! And it's all FREE. Don't miss our series party! Register here:

Also, we're partnering with Liberty Bay Books for the event, so right now you can pick up any EXPLORER ACADEMY book at a 10% discount while also supporting a local indie bookstore!

After writing three series' I'm excited to share what I've learned along the way and anxious to hear what the agents have to say about their tastes, market trends, and the publishing industry.

Hope to see YOU online December 2nd!


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